In china environmental protection has become the urgentest problem for chinese enterprises, Enterprises must follow the basic moral labor and environmental standards when pursuiting of profits, Obey international conventions and local laws and regulations in the  field of production.  to ensure that the operational behavior of the entire value chain of the company are in line with these principles.

Enterprise Guidelines:    

1. To develop the scientific and technological progress,  develop environmental protection technology;  

2. Actively establish legal concept, enhance the legal awareness, establish environmental management system,

truly do a law-abiding business, not destroy and pollute the environment;

3.  take the initiative to introduce the related legal policy and environmental protection, and actively with the international practice, Establishment of  long-term environmental protection laws and regulations, management system, take the initiative to learn from foreign enterprises responsibility of environmental protection experience.

4. we try to design, manufacture,provide green environmental products  and follow the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System.