The 2nd Auto OEM Purchasing Top Forum Held

Time:2015-12-25 11:23:04From: CAAM Author: CAAM


Under the great attention, the Auto OEM Purchasing Top Forum was held in Shanghai on Dec. 2nd. The forum was organized by CAAM and SINOMACH, and co-organized by Auto Review, CNAICO, CAIEC and chinaautosupplier. Themed with exploring current purchasing trends and Chinese auto parts development paths, the forum aroused great attention within the industry. The Executive Vice Chairman of CAAM Mr. Dong Yang and the Vice President of SINOMACH Mr. Ding Hongxiang attended the forum and delivered wonderful speeches. Focused on Chinese brand parts enterprises into OEM supply chain, the forum deeply discussed how to drive the development of Chinese parts enterprises via learning from international experience and achieved fruitful results.

In the opening remarks, Mr. Dong Yang expressed that the 13th Five-Year would be the best time for Chinese automotive industry. It may not be the period of the fastest development, but must be the five-year with ability increasing and structure adjusting. Because at the present stage, China’s development could not let automobiles be apart since Chinese automotive industry was the pillar industry of national economy and the auto products were the key transport tools. Besides, for “China Manufacturing 2025”, automobile would be an important carrier. Without automobile, the strategy was hard to achieve. Therefore, Mr. Dong Yang believed that for the automotive industry, the present stage was crucial.

Mr. Ding Hongxiang, in his speech, informed the status of Shanghai International Auto Parts and Service Exhibition (SAPE) and its exhibiting scale.

The forum was composed of two parts. The speech session was hosted by the Party Secretary of CAIEC Mr. Chen Weinong. The industrial experts from CAAM, SIC and Vernal International Capital as well as the enterprise leaders from JAC, Chery, Daimler, Toyota Boshoku and BFCEC delivered wonderful speeches and shared each own experience on how to promote Chinese parts enterprises into OEM supply chain.

The dialogue session, hosted by Chief Editor of Auto Review Mr. Zeng Guang, further discussed the opportunities and challenges for local parts enterprises into OEM supply chain. Seven guests, Mr. Dong Yang, Mr. Zhuang Zhiqiang, Mr. Wang Dazong, Mr. Dai Songgao, Mr. Ni Shaoyong, Mr. Wu Yu and Mr. REIFF, were invited to participate in. During the dialogue, the guests shared presented many wonderful views.

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